Building Surveys & Condition Surveys

Harrow Consulting LLP undertake all types of property inspection and buildings surveys, bespoke to the specific needs of our clients.

We list below some of the more common building survey types:

Planned Preventative Maintenance Surveys (PPM)

PPM surveys can be undertaken on individual properties, or entire property portfolios, with the objective of prioritising future maintenance requirements and forecasting future financial budgets (usually over a 5-10 year period)

This strategic approach to property maintenance assists clients in saving money over the life-cycle of the building, through appropriate planning of future works packages, and minimising the need for reactive/emergency repair costs or disruption.

PPM surveys assist in extending the ‘useful life’ of building elements, accordingly maintaining the market value of the subject property.

We will provide commentary upon each building element, advise upon its life expectancy, prioritise a future repair date, and provide budget maintenance costs. The information can be provided in report form or uploaded onto electronic databases, for ease of analysis.

Building Condition Surveys

Building condition surveys take many forms, and are generally carried out in order to gauge repairing liabilities pre-acquisition or prior to entering into a leasehold agreement.  The survey may also be used as a basis for identifying future maintenance requirements on a property, allowing the client to forecast financial budgets for property repairs (similar to PPM survey).

We will carry out a full visual inspection of the property and report upon condition on an elemental basis. The survey will provide commentary upon the current condition of building elements, identify specific repairs, or advise on further specialist investigation where necessary. We will also advise on any contraventions in respect of statutory obligations.

All reports are accompanied by budget costs for identified issues and an executive summary.

Defect diagnosis and analysis

We are often instructed to carry out defect diagnosis on specific problems within a building, as opposed to carrying out a full building survey.  This may be to identify and diagnosis the cause of water ingress, mould growth, structural movement, timber decay etc.

Our Building Surveyors are highly specialised in identifying defects and specifying appropriate remedial action to rectify the problem. Our single point consultancy allows us work with other specialists who may be required to completely diagnose the cause of a defect.

We are able to provide specifications and budget costing’s, and project manage the remedial works, through the appointment of a suitable contractor to successful completion.