Pre-Acquisition Advice & Due Diligence

Harrow Consulting have a team of specialists with extensive experience in delivering a Technical Due Diligence service for clients across a range of sectors. Our service is aimed at mitigating client risk at every stage of a property transaction, combining research, analysis and information gathering about the physical characteristics of the property. All work is carried out only by highly experienced Chartered Building Surveyors.

We are able to identify defects or deficiencies, which could impact on the short, medium, or long-term performance of a building. This may include the identification of repairs arising from a lack of planned preventative maintenance, neglect or misuse, insufficient capacity and regulatory non-compliances.

Our all-encompassing technical due diligence service provides clients with a number of key benefits:

  • Extensive knowledge of the design and condition of the subject property through examination of all available construction documents, and identification of defects, poor performance and opportunities for improvement
  • Establishing whether the subject property is suitable for its intended use
  • Identifying and mitigating future costs/risk/liabilities
  • A sound basis on which to commence price negotiations and allocate risk
  • Providing institutional investors with confidence as to the financial viability of the purchase.

The maxim of “caveat emptor” (let the buyer beware) is still a guiding legal principle in all property transactions. Unless the seller expressly promises something about the physical condition of the property, the seller does not warrant anything in relation to its condition.  Our service enables the purchaser to understand all reasonable risks and liabilities at each stage of the transaction.