Dilapidations & Lease Advice

Working strictly in accordance with RICS procedures and guidance, our expert Chartered Building Surveyors are able to offer specific advice at any time during the lease term.

It is essential that those involved in dilapidations and lease disputes are familiar with, and follow, the ‘Dilapidations Pre-action Protocol’ in preparing and pursuing dilapidations claims. Our Chartered Building Surveyors are fully experienced with the protocol and ensure strict compliance with it at all times.

The ‘Dilapidations Pre-action Protocol’ is produced by The Property Litigation Association (PLA) and has been embraced by the RICS as a standard. The Protocol is also now annexed to the latest Civil Procedures Rules.

The ‘Dilapidations Pre-action Protocol’ is essentially a best practice guidance document which sets out the process which should be followed by all parties during dilapidations cases. The Protocol is aimed at preventing spurious claims by Landlords and minimising the number of cases going to court. Any party involved in a dilapidations claim who fails to follow the Dilapidations Protocol runs a serious risk of adverse costs, court orders or other consequences should that failure not be justified.

We have provided the Dilapidations Pre-Action Protocol document below for further information;

Dilapidations Protocol Jan2012

At Harrow Consulting we are able to serve/respond to interim or terminal schedules of dilapidations, negotiate settlements of landlord claims, act as expert witness in legal proceedings, and provide strategic lease advice, all in accordance with the above.

Using only Chartered Building Surveyors we are able to draw upon our vast specialist knowledge of dilapidations and lease matters to ensure that we are able to offer the client a value driven solution which mitigates risk.